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Northern Virginia Real Estate Buying Process !!

Mortgage Calculator    

 Four Main Reasons Why People Buy Homes


        Tax advantages

        Investment Potential

        Pride of Ownership



Initial Step:  Choosing The Right Real Estate Agent


        Getting Started

        3 Steps to the Approval Process (pre-qualification, pre-approval, final approval)

        Meet personally with agent

        Initial Consultation

        Discussing needs and desires


Buyer Agency Agreement


        What is Buyer Brokerage all about?

        Why is it important to have your own agent?

        Who pays agent commissions?

        For-Sale-By-Owner properties


Shop On-Line


        Studies show approximately 80% of people shop on-line before meeting with an agent

        Addresses are listed on the site, drive-by as many as possible.


Seeing Properties


        If a home is in the MLS, we can show it.

        Agent will point out deficits when applicable (material defects)

        Agent will point out re-sale features, positives & negatives.

        Take as long as you like!  We will never apply pressure.


Writing an Offer


        Sitting down to discuss your offer.

        Review comparable sales in the neighborhood (past 6 mos.)

        Contingencies (Home inspection, radon inspection, sale-of-home, appraisals)

        Sellers Market (bidding wars, escalation addendums, waiving inspections)

        Earnest Money Deposit 2% Guideline

        Average wait time (multiple contracts)


        Remove all contingencies

        Paragraph 3 protects you!


        HOA Documents


Buyers Remorse A Normal Phenomena


Settlement We Are With You All The Way!!


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