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Choosing Your Fairfax County Real Estate Agent


An Interview with an Agent!!

      Effort: If the agent has not put time and effort into your first meeting then what is the chance that the agent will put time and effort into the sale?  Did the agent show up on time?  And if not did they call ahead to tell you that they were running late and why?

          Selling your home is going to take WORK if the agent is not working to earn your business the agent will probably not work after they have you business!!

       Appearance: Not only physical but in the presentation.  Does the agent appear comfortable?  Does the agent sound genuine or rehearsed?  Is the Agent body language relaxed, comfortable and confident or does the agent appear nervous, tight and unsure? 

 Many new agents are taught “scripts”.  This is just a rehearsed response.  New agents also seem tense and uneasy.  An experienced agent will always be comfortable, confident and genuine.

       Organization: Is the agent organized?  Was the interview prepared for or haphazard? Did the agent bring your material in a binder or did the agent spread out a lot of papers from a folder?  Did the agent show scientifically how your home should be priced?  Did the agent have a clear plan in selling your home?  Did the agent leave the materials for you to review?

 There is so many tasks for an agent to do when marketing your property that is why an agent must be organized.  If the agent is not organized at the interview there will be little chance that the agent will be organized in selling your home, developing good marketing materials and plans.  An experienced agent will organized and demonstrate their written marketing plan, sample materials, pricing of your home and leave all documents with you for your review.

        Materials: Did they bring a net proceeds sheet?  A marketing plan? Sample marketing materials?  How about important documents for your review.  A listing agreement?  Disclosure/disclaimer? Useful information?  Was the marketing materials quality?  Color?  First class of just a MLS print out?  Did they leave it with you?  All of these are very important considerations when interviewing an agent.  It will most assuredly demonstrate the agent’s seriousness in earning your business and committing to your home.

 “you never get a second chance to make a first impression” (Will Rodgers) and that is the truth in the marketing of your home.  First class materials is what you should expect, NO exceptions.  Your agent should give to you all of the above listed materials and in a format that places important documents (listing, marketing, net sheets, etc...) in easy to find areas.

       Technology: Not just a buzz word.  Technology offers your home the best shot at a sale and reduces cost to you.  Working smarter, faster, and producing more in less time and less cost is an ultimate benefit to you.

  • Does the agent seem technological or is the agent relying on their  broker? 

  • How is the agent web site?  Be sure to check it!

  • Is the marketing plan computerized?  Is there e-marketing?

  • Does the agent incorporate satellite imaging in the marketing of your home?

  • Does the agent even have a computer, laptop, PDA?

         More and more buyers are coming to the agent with web site print out in hand saying “I want to see this property”.  I a recent CNN survey, 87% turn to the web to  research  large purchases.  In the Realtor community great effort is being placed on web presence, why?  Because 87% turn to the web to research large purchases. Your home!  You may have even done so recently.  The  application of the web and other technologies is truly casting the largest net of  buyers and the highest price for your home!! 

       Pricing:  Did the agent show you how the home was priced?  Does the agent have the software that appraisers use?  Did the agent make or offered to make adjustments for special features of your home? 

          Myth: Under price the house to start a bidding war.  This is just plain nonsense.  If you home is worth $700,000 then ask that.  If you price it at $670,000 and the top offer is $685,000 then you have lost $15,000.  It sounds good  to get $15,000 over list price but the price was $30,000 under market value.  If you decide that you do not  wish to sell at $685,000 then you may well owe     that Broker a commission anyway.  A listing is a CONTRACT between you and the broker.

     Remember your agent owes you a service!!  If they are not working to get your business they will not work to keep it!!


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