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Your company faces the same challenge. Recruitment, relocation and retention of quality employees.  Once an offer is extended and accepted many times the successful candidate changes his mind and never start the position.  This is mainly do to the frustration involved in the relocation process!!  Sticker shock, inattentive Real Estate agents, cost to find a home.  The sad truth is without proper guidance and help that quality employee may opt. to stay where they are and your company has lost all that time, energy, effort and money that it has invested to find that right employee. 
Corporate Relocation, Fairfax County real estate, Northern Virginia real estate













Fairfax County Relacation, Virginia Realocation






Recruitment, relocation and retention only begins with a hand shake and an offer.  It is achieved when that employee is sitting at their desk with a smile!!



For your free evaluation of your employee relocation needs, please contact us at

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Corporate relocation, Fairfax County, Northern Virginia

The solution?  We have it!!  For your incoming employees, we will provide them with all necessary information, properties, e-mail viewings, school enrollment information and more!!  We will assist either the employee or if your company reimburses for closing costs, we will credit your company with some closing assistance.  So, if you are a big company, we will help you save money and if you are a small company, we can help you compete with the Big one.  For major national companies with incoming and outgoing employees, well we can do that too.  RE/MAX Corporate Connection can place your employees worldwide.

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